Win xp networking between 2 steel buildings

I am trying to extend a wireless network from inside one steel building to inside another steel building about 500 feet away.
   The first building has 1 computer and has DSL coming in, it uses a Speedstream wireless modem/router supplied by the phone company, this unit does not have removeable antennas, so I thought an Trendnet Access Point (wth the correct antenna connections) would do the trick but I'm not sure so please advise if I'm incorrect.  On the outside of this building I have mounted a Directional 14dbi antenna from Trendnet.

    On the second building I have also mounted the same 14dbi directional antenna,,, again I'm thinking all I need is a Access Point  (another Trendnet 430)...again I'm not sure if this is corrct please advise....Now this is where I really get lost, Inside building 2 is a network of computers to date not using a internet connection.  The current router only has 1 port open "uplink" can I just plug the patch cable from the access point and be connected on the whole network,...please advise, I'm new to this whole thing but everything I've read sure makes it sound easy enough and I've done it in small home networks... but I really am stumped by this whole access point thing... the configuring part ... and the tieing it into the existing network...Please is urgent my boss is expecting it done 3 days ago... now I've talked him into Friday April 7th...

Thanks in advance,,, Jeff
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i see a sporaddic connecting coming, i would go with a vpn connection.  you can do it cheap with a couple of linksys rv042's or even watchguard x15's
If the antennas are on the outside of the buildings, and they're BOTH directional (and pointed at each other, of course), you shouldn't have any problems. I've seen directional wifi setups like this go over 5 miles without any real problems.
jsdruryAuthor Commented:
So do I have it right then?-
    1. In building 1 an Access Point off the Speedstream Modem/Wireless Router is the way to go, to cannect the external antenna?
    2. In building 2 an Acess Point plugged into the "uplink" port of the existing Router is the way to go, to connect all the computers, or do I need to do something else?
Please just clarify these points since they were the real "meat' of the inquiry...the rest was really to give a background so all (hopefully) the facts were on the table.

SlickTech, why do you foresee connection issues?  I'm willing to do either but I have already purchased the Trendnet Access points...please advise so I may make the best decision...

Thank you both for your quick responses... Jeff
I think you're going to need to connect BOTH the router AND the access point to directional antennas, or you're going to have a very flaky connection.  I've never seen anyone reliably span buildings without using a matched pair of directional, high dBi antennas.

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I missed the point about the antenna being outside the building.  When I read steel i thought you mentioned that because it was an obsticle.  You should be ok with the point to point wifi.  I would go with the vpn, I have better luck with them, but if you have allready done most of the work, the wifi seems like a shorter path.

sorry read your question too quick.
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