Can not view a web page on my server 2003


This is the first time I have written on this site

I have a problem with my web page not coming up on my server 2003

What has just happen I have migrated my server 2000 to server 2003 and removed the old proxy server NT 4 out and replace with a new Linksys RV082

After I have ran dcpromo on the server 2000 and removed the proxy server I noticed that my page would not work on my server 2003 and on all the client computers

I have my web hosted by another company and domain name on my server is the same   for ex.. web site is and my server name is server-4 but the DNS name is

I do a ping to and there is no reply and same with a tracert etc....

I know that my web site is working on my home computer and others computers

Does any know whats wrong? - If you need more info let me know

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Hi randybell,

check under add / remove programs and windows components, that you dont have advanced IE security installed. If there is a tick box there take it out and try again


also disable the windows firewall service
Sam PanwarSr. Server AdministratorCommented:

1. type "nslookup" and press enter
Type :
You get the ip address of this website or not

If you type the above when the site is down does it resolve an ip address?
YES) Web hosting problem, you can find the server but its down.
NO) Domain Name (DNS) lookup problem, you cant find the server.
2.Have you install any ISA firewall
3.Check the DNS entries in the Gateway computer of your network
4. Do a tracert and check how many jumps are being made to route to the server
hosting the site. If you don't know how to do a tracert there is a web site that can do them for you from different locations in the
world, or ask one of your network guys at work.
5. Enter the localhost in the gateway etc\host file
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Sam PanwarSr. Server AdministratorCommented:
I am still waiting for your reply
This type of problem can be caused because you domain name and website name are the same you need to do an nslookup and find out what machine is acting as your dns and what ip it resolves. I have a feeling that it is resolving to your dns server instead of the hosting company. this can be fixed by updating your dns with the correct data or you can also edit the host file for each computer putting the correct ip address for

best of luck

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At the command line do an

ipconfig /all


ipconfig /all | more

and just check what settings are being reported.  Are your DNS servers being reported there?  If not then you have a problem with your network settings.
randybellAuthor Commented:
OK so when I do a Nslookup it comes with  
server - unkown
address - - (which is the server IP address)

I agree with Micheal, This type of problem can be caused because you domain name and website name are the same

I also did a nslookup on - and it resolved fine

Like I say all other sites (every single others web sites works fine except the - witch is the same a my DNS forward lookup zone -

I do not have ISA installed
The DNS Entries in my NIc are fine - I have tried to server IP and the Router - Both same problem
-Disabled the Firewall - same problem
-Yes my DNS settings are pointed to my server -
-The Host file looks fine

-I the host file I put the Ip of the web host and the name of the web site and it worked - Not a good solution if I have 50 computers on the network -
-In the DNS Manager is there a spot where I can put a manuall entrie for this web site so when typed in it goes outbound and not serching inbound

-Seems to me when Ever I type this or ping or tracert or nslookup - it looking internal

All other web sites work on my domain except

Any more thoughts or solutions  
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