Help! Microsoft Publisher/Java Question

I currently have a website that I developed with MS Publisher 2003.  There is a website that has a java based game that offers it for download and use on the web and I would like to add the downloaded game to my site (they provide a bunch of files (sample.html, java files and .class files).   I am a novice (i.e., am clueless) and do not understant the files and what is needed.

I would like to add the game (and appropriate copywrite information as requested by the game site) but would like to keep the same look as my MS Publisher produced pages.  I have not been able to figure out how to import the java-based game into Publisher to publish it to the web and I do not know the way to add/copy the game related files directly to my hosting site (and if I did, I'm not sure how to keep the same formate/tempate without using Publisher (which seem to generate incredibly complex code when creating the files to be published to the web).

Any guidance/help would be greatly appreciated.

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sample.html will be the page that runs the game when you open.
there are a few ways to go about inserting the game:

1) Open and edit this file in publisher to your needs.
While editing the file in publisher you wont' physically be able to interact with the game but instead see a blank area in where the game should be.

2) If you have Frontpage, open Frontpage, open your webpage, and follow these instructions:

3) if you want to hardcode with HTML insert the following where you want the applet to appear:
<APPLET CODE="main.class" WIDTH=120 HEIGHT=40>

where main.class is the class that runs the game and width and height are the dimensions of the java applet. Look for the above code in sample.html and you should be able to simply copy and paste the code into your HTML file in Publisher (if possible)

Note on the use of Publisher: To build professional webpages it is recommended to use Macromedia/Adobe DreamWeaver. If you dont have this then FrontPage is your next best option, as it is especially designed to make webpages. Publisher can only do so much.


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mwvillazonAuthor Commented:

It took me a bit, but I was able to hardcode it into the html...thanks.  I agree that I would be better off with a real web page software...

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