DVD DL Burner reads my DL DVD-R media as a CD. I am using Windows XP.

I have a Sony DRU 810A - It reads my RITEK P01 DL DVD-R as a cd. How do I change this from happening in Windows XP? I have no problems with it reading regular CDs, DVDs, DVD-Rs, DVD+Rs, or anything else I have put in. I have downloaded and installed the latest updates for the DVD Burner as well as updated Windows XP. I used DVD Identifier to insure the DVD-Rs were as they said and it confirmed it. Ironically the way it read it with DVD Identifier was with the very burner that makes it appear as a cd? If anyone can help I would be very greatful - I have searched the net with no luck at all.
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It probably is not recognising the media signature on the DVD and presenting it as a CD which is probably it's default.

Have you tried other 8.5 GB media? In particular Sony 8.5 Media?

Before you burn, are you manually choosing the DVD or CD choices?  This is a small window at the top in both Roxio and Nero, it is not very obvious.  If you leave it as CD, often it will not refresh before a burn, so you think it is CD, even though the burner can see it as at least 4.7 G media.
LVm3rlinAuthor Commented:
I don't have any other media at the moment - although it does recognize the RITEK G04 DVD-R single layer. It just won't recognize the P01 Dual Layer.

As for not manually choosing DVD Nero- I have done that. It won't recognize it at all in Windows XP. It makes the drive inaccessable or "Not Ready"
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These people have a very good compatibility chart for recorders vs. media bands and types -

Check the single and dual brands for compatibility with your Sony.  I have the  DW-Q28A and it not have much problem with any DVD, but probably your Ritek is not compatible with your Sony for dual layer.

This might also be an XP limitation with Dual Layer, would not trust windows software with any dual layer yet, they are far behind the specs.  You could turn off detection of the media in the drive by windows, this is a laborious process where you right click on the drive, properties, and choose take no action for every media type.  That might stop windows throwing error, which some burn programs rely on for media detection.
LVm3rlinAuthor Commented:
They do not have my burner listed yet. I actually bought the media from meritline.com. When I right click and go to properties I do not see an option to turn of the media type detection. That may work, but I need to find out how to do it.
Windows explorer, file manager, highlight CD drive, right click, properties, choose autoplay tab, and go through the drop down list of media types, set all to "do nothing", click apply, reboot, see what happens.  ALSO, wait until the burning software is loaded first before you insert the media, then wait again for it to recognize the media type.  This take 1-2 mins, often very slow.
Hi LVm3rlin

Do you have or know someone that has another 8.4 GB DVD writer that you can test these on, that would let you know whether its a Ritek or Sony problem.. From there you will know what to send back, the DVD's or the Writer..

I know there were some DVD compatibilty problems with the Sony DRU 800 and it could be that they have not fixed them all..



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