Sony Vaio VGN-T150 (PCG-4C1L) freezes when moved


Any help is appreciated.  My trusty sony (over a year of excellent service) has started to casue problems.  

Problem began yesterday when the machine froze up as I was carrying it (I have carried it like this for its life with no prior problems).  It "foze" in that the screen was still lit but movement of touchpad or keys did not affect the machine.

Over next several hours did some troubleshooting and find that when powered on it will (usually) start as normal and go to my desktop with everything working fine, but if I move the machine at all, it increases the chance of freezing.  For example, I reinstalled the factory software (process took near 1 hour) and the machine ran fine, but when I lifted it up to type in the serial # for office (pasted on the bottom) by the time I got to the last block (lift, type 4, repeat) it again froze...this time I got strange tint to the LCD (some lines of red across the screen), and again I pulled the battery, restarted....more of the same.

I do not think this is heat related...seems geared towards movement.

I do not think is software related, since I reinstalled all the software from scratch.

I am just outside (literally 3 weeks) the 1 year warranty.

No complaints...this was a great machine and served me very well, I fact just purchased the successor to keep my up and running for next several weeks (I fly lots and need to work on the plane and at the airport).  Still, if I can fix this, would like to.

I tried to take the cover off to expose the insides but could not figure it out...pulled all the screws I could see on the back but it did not seem to want to come off.

Again, any insight as to what this may be and (if needed) how to get to the guts of this machine appreciated

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The user's guide might be helpful.

You might try testing the ram;

And/or try reseating the ram or swapping it out;
You might also want to boot into safe mode and see if it freezes there; restart laptop, press F8 before windows logo appears, select safe mode.  If the problem does not happen there it may be the video card causing the problems.  Check for updated drivers for everything.
if it freezes when carrying, i would think something is loose, or bends, due to carrying. i would inspect the insides, and check if all cables,  are fully seated, and the connectors to disk and CD too
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..and try reseating the RAM
phred_the_catAuthor Commented:
The sony link above for he manual will not operate...the file downloads but the pages are blank.

I am sure it is movement related (after sill more tests)...anyone who can tell me how to get into this machine?

I think heat could still be a problem. Use a can of compressed air and blow it into the vents and cracks, etc.
Question, do you have a CD or DVD in the drive when your moving it???

If Tim qui's link won't work try this one. The file is a "CHM" which is a help file. Do not use the "OPEN" choice when downloading. "Save" it to a directory, Locate it with explorer and double click it.

Here's the link directly to the file:

The users guide will get you under the keyboard. It's explained in the "Memory Upgrades" page of the Users Guide. From there your on your own. I have never found a service manual online for that model.

If the CHM still won't view:
1. Turn the unit over and remove the battery.
2. The 3 screws closest to the battery compartment at the back need to come out.
3. Turn the unit over and release the keyboard latches. They are above the F5 key and the Numl/Scr Lk key
pry gently to get it up.

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phred_the_catAuthor Commented:
OK, thanks for getting me under the keyboard...I suspect I can move on from here.  I am certain it deals with motherboard...when I put keyboard back in it would not start...I flexed the case a few times and it booted right back up.

Can someone point me to where I can get a mobo for this...or is it even worth attempting this?

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