Admintool not Installed

Hi all

I have just installed Solaris 9 on my VMware workstation.I trying to run admintool and I'm gettting the following error
# Admintool &
admintool : not found

help will be highly appreciated

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For Solaris 9, you should use  Management Console (smc) instead of admintool.

Please have a look at the following docs for more infor:

if you still want to use admintool have a look at the answer in:

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gugumzizanAuthor Commented:

I'm still having a problem in adding the admintool to my Solaris 9 OS from a cdrom.

please help the error is as follow.

#pkgadd -s . -d /cdrom/Sol-8-204_sparc /Solaris8/Tools/Boot/bin/admintool
pkgadd:ERROR: attempt to process data stream failed
-bad format in data stream table of Contents

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don't use "-s" with pkgadd,

you can do:
cd /path/to/pkg-dir
pkgadd -d pkg-name

pkgadd -d /path-to/package-name

man pkgadd
to learn more details

BTW, why not use "smc" ?
gugumzizanAuthor Commented:
My appologies I'm still new to EE.

Anyway I'm still struggling with this problem.
I managed to copy the admintool from the Solaris 8 software disk and followed Yuzh instructions.
I'm getting the error below, now I think the admintool package is corrupted please tell me where I can download one. I failed when trying to look for the package on the net.

pkgadd:ERROR: attempt to process data stream failed
-bad format in data stream table of Contents
Pkgadd:ERROR:could not process data stream from </admintool>

The reason I need admintool installed is because I'll be taking an exam on Solaris 8, I know about SMC and its working fine but need this installed.

Gugumzizan, just out of curiousity - why Solaris 9 x86 under VMware ?

Why not Solaris 10 ?  It's SSSSOOOOO MMMMMUUUUCCCCCCHHHHH Better !!!

Solaris 10 U2 is about to come out in a couple of months and it will include ZFS and the rewritten UDP stack bits.
gugumzizanAuthor Commented:
I'm new on Unix and I want to start by learning Solaris 8 then taking the exams.I do have Solaris 10.
My problem is I need admintool installed on Solaris 9.
This path /cdrom/Sol-8-204_sparc /Solaris8/Tools/Boot/bin/admintool is the wrong path to use for trying to install admintool.  I don't have a Solaris 8 CD laying around anymore so I can't take a look.

The install packages will live in a directory with *LOTS* of subdirectories which names beginning with SUNW*.  My thought is the admintool package is related to several other packages that must also be installed.  The name "Admin Suite" comes to my memory.

Anyway, once you figure out what the package names are you need to figure what the subdirectory on the CD is that holds *ALL* the packages.  Then you run pkgadd like this:

pkgadd -d /full-path/to/subdirectory-holding-all-SUNW-package-subdirectories SUNW<admin tool package #1> SUNW<admin tool package name #2> ....

You don't tell pkgadd to look directly into the package subdirectory.  It looks one level above that.

/path/name/subdirectory                                <<<< pkgadd -d switch is told to look HERE
/path/name/subdirectory/SUNWpackage       <<<<< *NOT* here.
Have a look at your Solaris 9 Software CD (I have release 9/04) and the packages (try to use the Solaris 9 package as you can)
are there: (You need at least SUNWadmap SUNWadmc)

/cdrom/cdrom0/Solaris_9/Product] 136# ls | grep adm

If you have to use Solaris 8,the packages are located in the Solaris 8 Software
 CD 1 of 2, under Solaris_8/Product, full path after mount on the system looks like:


the package you want is SUNWadmap

it also required "SUNWadmc" (try to keep the Solaris 9 version of the same package it see if it work, then install it from Solaris 8 CD)

Have a nice weekend to all of you.


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