Alcohol 120 reinstall problem

I had to reinstall Windows this morning.  After I finished the functionality of Alcohol 120 was not good.  It would also not uninstall properly.  I deleted the program files and the Reg keys associated with it.  I still cannot install the new version.  I click on the installed and am promped to continue, I click yes, OK the warning, and then am greeted with a message stating "Failed to oped Config Key"  I cannot get past this step.  Someone please help!  I am using XP home edition
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Saurabh DuaCommented:
Download sptdinst.exe (in download section of , boot into safe mode and run "sptdinst add", then reboot into normal mode and run installation again.
You can also try to disable antivirus real time protection during sptd layer installation.

But before installing it, uninstall the older layer:
To remove the SPTD-driver, simple download it and via command-console, execute it "sptdinst_x64.exe remove" and SPTD will remove itself from your windows installation. If you want to add it, execute in command console "sptdinst_x64.exe add".

If any prob in removing,

1. Reboot windows into safemode with command console (might also work with just safe mode).
During boot into this safe mode there appars a file that you can stop from loading by pressing ESC.

There comes a file named SPTD something. This is where you press ESC to keep it from loading.

2. Now you can use the console to install the sptdinst_xXX.exe file with "sptdinst add" command.

3. Now just reboot into normal mode again and the installation should work.

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samhfoleyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your response.  I tried downloading both sptdinst_x64.exe and sptdinst_x86.exe.  I am not a very computer saavy person so I wasn't clear on your instructions.  I double clicked on each file and was told Action must be 'add' or 'remove' but I am not sure how to execute this.  I tried using run to execute,  but when I entered sptdinst_x64.exe remove, I was told the the file could not be found and asked if I spelled it correctly.  I very much wantv to solve the problem, but I need you to give me more clear/simple directions.  Thanks again and I hope to hear back from you soon.
samhfoleyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help.  I found the solution here...
basically I did this...
Okay, here goes:
1. Boot into safe mode (Make sure to press ESC when/if it asks you if you want to load the SPTD.SYS driver!)
2. Go into your "C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS" and delete the SPTD.SYS -and- the SPTDxxxx.SYS (Where xxxx being a random number that varies from computer to computer).
making sure to hit the esc key before the sptd.sys loaded in safe mode.  Thanks again for your help~!
Saurabh DuaCommented:
Nice to seee that the prob is finally solved..

Saurabh DuaCommented:
But u can see the prob has been solved by the help , so the points should be given to me, not refunded..

The author of the prob can post .. what he wants.

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