Is Notes deleting email?

I have a group of users using 6.5.4 mail template on R7 server.
They are having many instances where they see documents in their Inbox or All Docs view and when they try to open some docs they get the error message "Invalid or nonexistent document". They assure me that, and I now believe them, they have not deleted these emails.
Shift F9 will remove these docs from the view but they have not been deleted!
I have looked closely for a pattern but can see none. This affects internal and external mail, forwarded docs, with/without attachments.

Please help.
Paul GAsked:
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R7 may be doing some background stuff.
What do you mean by - They have not been deleted -
Docs are just disappearing ?

Are they in the All DOc view ?

I hope this helps !
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Strange... Those deleted mails aren't in the Trash folder either? Is the Space Savers option to remove documents not modified for x days set? Is archiving enabled and the systems' dates have been set wrongly? Is the mail db on the server? What's in the User activity log of the database (in Document Propereties)?
Paul GAuthor Commented:
Since posting the question I have found some more info.
I have a number of Domino servers in different countries around the world. All admin is done from the UK. To assist us with centralising our backup we have a server in the UK that replicates each users mail file and other dbs from each server every night. This has saved us considerable time with backup and also allowing us to restore from 'yesterdays copy' when required rather than resorting to tape. This has been in place for 18 months plus without problems.
Having introduced a new R7 server in Germany some users found that some (random) mail that they had read previuosly dispalyed in both Inbox and All docs but when they tried to open returned the error "Invalid or non-existent document". They are clearly still in the view index and of course Shift F9 clears them from the view.
Here's the intriguing bit. These documents exist in the 'backup server' replica and if I manually replicate with the German server they re-appear in the 'live' db.
The ACL of the databases at both ends contain LocalDomainServers with full Manager rights with no other server specified. Administrators including me also have full rights. The replication connection document is set to replicate with the AllServers group in the NAB and this contains all servers.

I could understand this if certain documents had readers fields but a mail document doesn't.

So to conclude. If the server replicates it removes some docs but if I replicate manually they go back.
I have a lot of experience of Domino but this one has me beaten!
To satisfy my 'twitchy' users I have replicated all mail files manually and temporarily disabled replication on the databases in the UK.
Hopefully this will solve the problem but I want to understand what's going on.
Very strange.
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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Interesting! And only the users who have their main mail databases on the R7 server have the problem?

Please read this page
and search for "Design refresh" or "SPR# HJCU5V6S92"

An upgrade might help you out.
I've run into a similar problem with a Domino 5 to Domino 7 upgrade. We have some clients still runnign the 5.0 client in some remote location so we have the compact task run with different switches for different directories on the server.

So my next question would be, are you using the -R switch on your compact command?

For example:

For clients on the new 7.0 client, those mail files are located in the mail_R7\ directory with the following switches for compact:

mail_R7\ –B –s 10  (In-place with file size reduction, Compact database only if unused space is greater than x percent)

For the clients who are still on the old client, those mail files are located in the mail directory with the following switches for compact run on those files:

Mail\ -R  (Keep or revert database to previous format)

What I've found in my case is if a client gets upgraded to a 7.0 template, but the mail file is left in the mail\ directory (and therefore get the ODS version backleveld), these errors sometimes occur.

I'm not sure why, but for some reason reverting the ODS version to the previous causes all kinds of problems. This was on R7 - the 7.01 patch seemed to fix this in our case.

Let me know if any of that helps, or if you need clarification.

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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
mkdonohue, Just a question:
> What I've found in my case is if a client gets upgraded to a 7.0
> template, but the mail file is left in the mail\ directory (and therefore
> get the ODS version backleveld), these errors sometimes occur.

AFAIK, ODS and template version are completely unrelated. The Notes client doesn't open the database; instead, the Notes client asks the Domino server to open the database, and all I/O is handled by the Domino server. The ODS is (or should be) completely irrelevant.

So I would be utterly surprised when your story comes out true... Kcoxon, by all means, try this.
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