Cannot create dial-up connection after removing broadband

My user has a Dell laptop with XP Home Edition SP2 installed.  She previously had broadband but removed it and now cannot get a dialup connection, she was able to before broadband install.  I have tried create one manually but the first two options are greyed out in the Wizard.  I have tried the resolutions in the Microsoft articles "Dial-up modem or PPPoE option in New Connection Wizard is unavailable" and "You cannot create a network connection after you restore Windows XP" but no no avail.  I have reinstalled SP2 but no luck either.  Apart from reinstalling the OS which I'm reluctant to do I really dont know what else to try.  I'd really appreciate some help with this.
Thanks in advance,
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greenstaritAuthor Commented:
I should mention that this is personal use laptop and is not on our network, therefore no Group Policy applies.
1 - your modem is there and responding properly in control panel / modems

2 - you have tried all 3 resolution methods in

3 - have you tried system restore

4 - reinstalling modem driver/nic driver?

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greenstaritAuthor Commented:
Hi Craig,
Thanks for your reply and help.  The modem is fine, and I've reinstalled the driver for it and for the NIC.  I tried system restore but the earliest restore point is only last week and this has been going on a few weeks now.  I've tried everything in the resolution methods except the upgrade install as the user is cautious of losing their 8GB iTunes library.  I realise this is probably my only solution now so I'll try find a portable hard drive to back up the library too.  With regards services I have been able to restart the Telephony service but not the Remote Access Connection Manager/Auto Connection Manager services and I cannot open the firewall  settings either as the associated service wont start!  Its getting really frustrating now!

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Sounds like more than just that connection wizard issue is going on.... I would go the route you planned, making a backup first being a good idea to prevent a worst case scenario.
Remove all dialup connections in the control panel
go to start, run, type cmd and click ok
type: netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt and hit enter... nothing will happen, it will just drop down to the next line
This will recreate tcp/ip and many other settings on reboot
reboot the computer

Recreate the dialup connection, dialout

If this does not solve it then go to the modem control panel and set the modem speed to 5600 instead of 9600 or 11500
Try getting the latest drivers for the modem

If this is still not working then you may have to put in a connection string to help the modem connect
Depending on the modem... Lucent Win, broadcom and if it is a V90 or V92 modem you will have to check this page to get a couple connection strings: If all that fails try the connection string of "PIG+1"
You may want to try a few connection strings that look like they fit your modem... they will not hurt you.

If all this fails then you might want to to a hyper terminal connection to your modem to test it.

If all this has failed then the modem is to blame or you need a new ISP but I would lean toward the modem being shot.

Hope this helps
greenstaritAuthor Commented:
Hi guys,
I tried everything both of you suggested but no joy.  I ended up rebuilding the system from scratch, a re-install/repair was even still a bit dirty.  Thanks for your help and as you both contributed could I suggest splitting the points between you?

Not a problem with me
splits are good. Im glad your prob is gone - sometimes the way you went is not easy, but I find you usually get good results by clean installs.
Just out of curiosity, did you check Add/Remove Programs to see if the broadband's software was installed?  I've seen that wipe out dial-up on a lot of systems.  Uninstall and dial-up is once again available.  It's usually another instance of crap code brings crap results.
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