Printing from visual fox pro

Ok,when i try to pint to an HP laserjet 4300 (which is connected to the network using tcp/ip) from visual fox pro, spooling takes so long then 3 or 4 pages out of 100 lets say get printed and thats it !! the printer doesnt print the rest and it doesnt give any error messages......when trying to connect the printer locally via LPT port, printing goes smoothly, all pages sent through visual fox pro are printed succeffully and the way, printing to the printer when connected to the network from any other software (excel, word, etc... ) doesnt have any pproblem......any suggestions ??
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Try this.:

Go to Start > Settings >Printers. Right-click on the printer and select Properties. Click on the Advanced tab. Then click on "Start printing after last page is spooled". Also click on "Print spooled pages first". If you are printing via a server, this must be done on the server.

In the same window you can also try unticking "Enable advanced printing features", but try the other settings first.
adelfAuthor Commented:
didnt work...

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adelfAuthor Commented:
I just stopped connecting to the printer through the print server and connected directly through TCP/IP port, things worked fine somehow.......Thanks for the advice anyway hdhondt
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