IMF and exchange service pack2 for SBS2003

hi folks,
I am trying to reapply exchange service pack 2 for SBS2003 and i get an error
that an earlier version of IMF has been detected....bla bla
i never had any IMF installed on this machine and it was installed when i installed
service pack2....
My question is does anyone know where in the registry" the upgrade "checks
for this information????
Also does any one know which exact registry entries do i need to CLEAN to get rid of this TRASH IMF "completely" ....which is being forced by MS ....
any help will be appreciated...
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The latest Intelligent Message Filter updates can be uninstalled by using Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel. If you uninstall the latest Intelligent Message Filter update, the files from the corresponding subfolder in the MSCFV2 folder are removed. Additionally, the registry entry under the following subkey is removed:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Updates\Exchange Server 2003\SP3\KB907747
If the Intelligent Message Filter update packages have been uninstalled by using Add or Remove Programs, the base version is reregistered. Therefore, the Intelligent Message Filter is functional based on the original .dat file that was shipped in Exchange Server 2003 SP2.

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I have had this happen before.
The way I got round it was to install version 1, then remove it, then reapply the service pack.

It may also be detecting some of the stuff left behind in the AD domain.


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VahikAuthor Commented:
F umar thanks for the comment...last night i found that link myself and went
through it with fine comb....i also deleted atleast 10 registry entries that i though had anything to do with IMF...i was surprised wimdows and exchange
were still functioning....i even used ADSIEdit to delete some stuff....still i got the warrning...and could not reinstall sp2

Sembee i installed service pack2 and there was no IMF installed and recieved no warrning....and i dont see any IMF in the ADD and Remove program...
and the question is where in the AD sp2 is looking for version????

so am at it again and i think i found the answer.....let me test i will post back..

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Updates\Exchange Server 2003
here there is a key called ContentFilterVersion....mine is set at 0....i ma going to change it to 1 or 2 and try again....i will let u know in a minute
VahikAuthor Commented:
OK the problem is my situation it was set to 0...and when changed to 2 it allowed service pack to be service pack2 cant be installed or reinstalled if there is trace of IMF....and setup will ask u to delete it ....changing the ContentFilterVersion to 2 does the trick for my problem....
F umar actually is closest to the answer for this entry
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Updates\Exchange Server 2003
 sembee's solution would have also worked  but since he has too many points i think he should give away some instead of receiving more hahahaha....
you folks have been extremely kind trying to help me....thanks..take care and good luck...
thank you :-)
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