Outlook 03 - You need more memory or system resources

We just had to upgrade our email clients from Outlook 2000 to Outlook 2003 to take advantage of the Cacheing over a VPN.  

On my Terminal Services server (Windows 2003 Enterprise) whenever I go to the Control Panel > Mail to configure my users mailbox, I get the following error:

"You need more memory or system resources.  Close some windows and try again."

I know its not a memory problem as I am continuously running with a minimum of 3GB Free, and I have done as Microsoft said with setting Outlook Express as Default MAPI Client.

I need some help please!!!
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You have wasted your time upgrading to Outlook 2003 to get cached mode if you are using Terminal Services, as cached isn't supported and cannot be enabled on a TS server.

The memory/system resources error usually means something completely different. If you start Outlook from the icon in the start menu, what happens then?

At exactly what point does the error message appear?

chrisryhalAuthor Commented:
Enough said.  I am sticking to Outlook 2000 for my term. users.  Thanks for the insight.  Can you redirect me to where you got your information, so I can forward to my other companies however?

Thanks a bunch!!

I knew the fact, but had to go looking for the official source. This is the first one I found, it is on a Microsoft site so should be good enough:


First point...

Outlook features that are disabled with Terminal Services
The following Outlook features cannot be used when you are running Outlook in a Terminal Services environment:

- Offline store (OST) files.
Features that rely on the OST (for example, Cached Exchange Mode and Offline) are not supported with Terminal Services.

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Greetings, chrisryhal !

Check in the System32 folder to see if a  "MAPISTUB.DLL"  file is present.  If not, get it from Outlook CD or from here

If the file is present, register it.  Go to Start > Run and type regsvr32 MAPISTUB.DLL

Best wishes!
chrisryhalAuthor Commented:
tried that, its there
we're having the same issues and went through all the steps in the link posted by war1. any other ideas?
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