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Hello N/D-Experts!

I'm looking for a way to automatically synchronize all my users local address books to $Contacts in their mailfile on the server. I know there is an action for that but it's not working with my users. Of course the function is working but my users seems to simply forget to activate the sync.

Any one here who have a script, some information or a link to something useful that will make sure all local address books will be syncronized with the server. It's okay to initiate a sync every time the user open his mailbox.

I'm familiar with LotusScript aswell as VBScript so i can at least read code samples.

Also, i have googled for a soloution but i havent found anything useful.

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brwwigginsIT ManagerCommented:
We did something similar for our execs that kept complaining. I looked at the action included and copied the code from Lotus and pasted it into the postopen event of the database script on their mail file.

Now granted these are users with a server on the same LAN that use a desktop so I didn't have to worry about this functions affect on remote users or WAN traffic. But if you want to give it a try here it is...

'Sync iNotes Contacts
If Not (source.Database.Server ="") Then
     Call iNotes_DoSync(D_CONTACTS, False)
End If

The reason I check if the server is local (i.e. ="") was because I noticed that for some reason this script gets copied into the archive databases and so everytime they would open their archive db the script would run again. Since they work directly off the server it wasn't an issue.

The second argument in the function call (False) will supress the popup message you receive after synching the address books from the actions menu. The details of the synch will be put in the status bar.
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
You mean the action called Synchronize Address book? And you have iNotes? You could create a scheduled agent that triggers that agent. Drawback: the agent will also be triggered when the user doesn't want it, e.g. when he's in the middle of a presentation. Replication can be triggered automatically, in R6, to happen when Notes is started and/or stopped.

A suggestion: send a mail to all your users each week/month to remember them to synchronise the Address Books.
What version of client and server ?

In the Designer search for synch and replication. something should pop up

I hope tis helps !
BraData295Author Commented:
Hello experts!

Version is 6.5.x.

I will test brwwiggins soloution and then i get back to you!


BraData295Author Commented:
Just so you know, I havent got time to test this soloution yet.

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