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Someone has is warnings on OWA saying the signature is to big. The signature is their company name...etc
He says he has looked it up a bit and found its an admin set setting.
Needs to know what the current limit is, and also what they can set it too.

how would one check the limit/change it ?

 Newbie to IT, so even if it's obvious i prob ownt know it
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How much is in the signature? The default is 4k, which is pretty big. Drop the signature text in to notepad and see how large the file is.

It can be changed, you need to use the OWAADMIN tool, which is a free download from Microsoft.
Note that this tool MUST be installed on a workstation, not on the server.


LFC1980Author Commented:
But if it's installed on the workstation. does that mean he will have to do so on every PC he uses (as its OWA i.e. if he accesses OWA on a diff PC will he get the warning again)
You misunderstood.
The tool is a central administration tool for the Exchange server administrator. You must install it on a workstation, then use the tool to make the change to the OWA configuration. It is not something that the user does.

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