Accessing MDB's VIA PHP on Linux (RH8)

Hello there, scoured the interweb for the best half of this morning for a solution, but hit a brick wall.

I need to be able to create an MDB in PHP on a linux webserver using PHP. So far I have installed libodbc and now I need to find a driver for it, or perhaps an easier way of doing this.

The PHP side is fine, I just need to know how to get libodbc to connect to an mdb and be able to select/insert/delete

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FuriamAuthor Commented:
Even a way just to binary write an MDB would be suitable as well, I just need to batch export an MDB once a week.
I'm not sure that there is a suitable linux interface to enable you to work directly with MSAccess mdb files.

Possibly a better solution would be to work with dbf files as they can be relatively easily imported into MS Access.

However...that wasn't the answer you wanted, so I'll give you an interesting avenue to try. It appears that want you wan **IS** possible under WINE/Crossover office:

Key paragraph is:

Well, I do. In the same setup as before, I have been able to use the *native*
odbc32.dll ODBC driver by pulling it from a real Windows instalation and adding
"odbc32"="native,builtin" in the config file. I Installed the psqlodbc driver
from the Postgres database, and retried : selecting "ODBC sources" in the
"Attach tables" dialog box led me to the usual ODBC manager dialogs, where I
have been able to create a DSN to my Postgres database. I have then been able
to "Attach" my Postgres tables and views to an M$ Access database and peruse


may also be of use.

Alternatively, it may be possible to create some form of networked ODBC connection with the mdb hosted on a windows system.

Unfortunately my main experience with this is using java, and that works very nicely on a linux platform!:)


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FuriamAuthor Commented:
Wow, talk about 'round the houses' job that one :)

Points are yours if I get nothing direct.
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