max number of entries or characters in robots.txt

what is the max number of characters or entries that can be placed in a robots.txt file.

i have heard it's 2000 characters but not sure if this is the case.

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Yes, 2000 characters is generally the cut-off and going over that Google will probably issue you an error.  

If you submit a sitemap to Google, you can take advantage of their 'Robots.txt' tab that you'll see once you log-in to your sitemap account.

With Google's Robots.txt test analysis you can test your robots.txt file(s) against the Googlebot user-agent, other Google user agents, or the Robots Standard.  Even make changes and see how Google will react to your robots.txt file.  It's very imformative.  

To setup your own Google sitemap and to be able to access their Robots.txt analysis tab, go here:

To learn more about the robots.txt file, visit this excellent site: <>

Good Luck!


I wouldn't put way many more than 2000 personally.

Not sure if there is an actual limit to the size of the file... there is nothing on the net that i could find about this topic.


have you looked on this site at all

naifyboy123Author Commented:
thank you
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