Getting a program that can't be configured for a proxy to use a proxy

I have an ssh tunnel to another computer that can be used as an http server etc.

I cannot configure a program to access a local port on the machine in the way you can configure say explorer for It will still try to connect to [dchp network ip]:port x [target machine]:port y

The only thing I can think of is to set my machine up as a server and get the program to connect from another machine as a client.

Will this work? Does anyone have other suggestions? The network I am on is very restrictive so I have to use ssh, yet I need to connect a debugging tool across this network that accesses port 440, and no it can't be changed to use a proxy.
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jez123Author Commented:
Ok I figured this out, either freecap or sockscap will do it.
usually you use the SSH to accomodate the port issue by allowing it to pickup traffic on the port the application wants to use, and then translating it to the proxy port number, at least thats what I've done while playing with VNC via SSH
jez123Author Commented:
Thanks for the response

VNC can be configured to use the localhost as a server, i.e. you can set the server it wants to connect to to whereby it will connect to the proxy port.

The legacy application I have cannot be configured in this way, instead it will try to connect to [dhcp ip address]:port x
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