Installsheild error - ikernel.exe class not registered on Win XP

We have an XP Home laptop that is having a problem with the error message 'class not registered' for any install of hardware or software that uses installsheild - Iomega externa USB CD drive and Canon printer, and likely others that slip my mind right now.

When trying to install the Iomega apps, I get an error with ikernel.exe 'class not registered'.  Googling that, it's an InstallShield app.  Their website has suggestions of clean the temp folders, reboot, tweak DCOM settings, etc.:

most everything was OK as is, but we made changes when needed, reboot, but the problem persists.  One page says to delete the engine folder (regular uninstall also yields the same error) and then reinstall installsheild... even that reinstall gets the 'class not registered' message / fails to install.

The machine runs OK other than when trying to install apps.  We are logged on as an administrator, there are no other users logged in or even that exist...

Other than a reinstall, any recommendations!?
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I think you've posted this in the wrong group

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LookingForITHelpAuthor Commented:
I did a search for installshield and this group came up with the most hits?  You use installshield to package / rollout delphi apps?  I figure there's someone here that might know installshield?  It seems Installshield the company doesn't support the end users - just people that buy their developer app... so I'm hoping someone here might know the answer / be able to get to installshield to see how to correct the corruption / problem on the PC here.

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