Calendar items not appearing in OWA

Hi - we are using Outlook 2003, with Exchange server 2003 and one of our users has pointed out that some of their Calendar items are not appearing when they login under OWA. The items do exist when logged into Outlook 2003!  The missing items seem to be re-occuring meetings (but some may not be). Has anyone else experienced this? Known problem/solution??


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OWA shows what is in the live database, so that would tend to indicate that the problem is with their Outlook client. If Outlook 2003 is running in cached mode, then I would look at exporting the contents of the calendar folder, then deleting the OST file and letting Outlook recreate it. Finally reimport the contents of the calendar folder and let it sync back up. Look for errors in the sync log once that is done to see if there are any problems being reported.

MadJockAuthor Commented:
Hi Simon

None of our users use the cached mode (or shouldnt be, I will double check this particular user).

Anything else cause this behaviour?

The only other cause could be a view or corrupt items. OWA is what I would believe as the true state of the mailbox on the server - so if there is missing content compared to Outlook then you have to look at possibly recreating the missing items (in the case of calendar entries) to see whether they then appear in OWA.


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MadJockAuthor Commented:
Sorry - I have been on holidays and didnt mean to abandon this question! Thanks to Sembee for answering. Jon
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