does ups power down server automatically?

hi a circut tripped last night and the servers were down this morning. Do the power chute ups batteries that are attached to our two servers shutdown the servers or are they just there to give you a bit of time to physically shutdown the servers.
I was wondering this as what i was told about ups's is that they provide you with a time frame within which you can shutdown the servers in the correct manner
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
If they are connected to the servers with data cables, then you can configure the servers to shutdown.  So if you have them connected and the software configured, yes, they will automatically shut down the servers.
Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Billing EngineerCommented:
ups usually do not shutdown the servers automatically, but:
* if you have a ups connection and drivers installed, the servers could shutdown by request of the ups.
* if the ups power is fully used, the servers will switch off, missing power (this is like a delayed power failure)

Usually, the second case is what happens, you have to check how much power your ups can give you vs how much power your servers, monitors etc use.
ups provide power backup for some time it depends on ups and the load factor, usually 10 to 15 minutes or it sets on battries condition i mean if battries drained 60% or what ever they set shutdown the ups so when ups shuts down the systems also. if u have installed a card which i think called snmp card which have an ethernet port or serial cables which connected to your server, install and configure appropriate software then if can be configure that ups sends shutdown signals to your systems and they shutdown normal before ups batteries drained and it stops suppliying power.
the servers remain shutdown not restart even after power restores is depends on bios settings.
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I use APC UPS's I have installed the Powerchute app on my main server and when there are only 5 mintues remaining the powerchute app will shutdown windows before it runs out of power. the only problem is that you  can only allow one pc per APC device (i only purchase the same model so i dont know if they have one that can support multile clients)...

Note not all products have that feature..

If you have powerchut software installed then open it and go to configuration then runtime then you should be able to see if the option
keep my computer running for as long as ##. if that option is check then the server will shutdown on ## minutes

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A correctly specified and installed UPS will shut down a server when remaining battery capacity falls to aprox. 10 or 20%.
Without a shutdown signal from the UPS, the server cannot shutdown safely before battery exhaustion, and there is a strong risk of loosing data when the server is finally "dropped".

Your UPS may have a serial data cable connected to a comx: port on the server, in which case is probably uses shutdown. APC's often have management software (powerchute)to view UPS stats, and perform tests, look for this.

Newer UPS's such as the MGE Evolution can send shutdown signals to muliple servers on the LAN, and are a good choice when protecting multiple servers from one UPS.
You should also be able to configure the PowerChute app to restart the servers, after power is restored and stabilized for X minutes.
exdosAuthor Commented:
sorry for the delay in getting back
thanks for the info very useful
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