back up exchange 5.5 brick levelB

I am using Arc serve ver 9 for enterprise on a nT 4 who acts as a back up server, connecting to exchange 5.5/nt4 with an reserve client release 11.

I had troubles getting into the brick level of the exchange back up with various errors. Now I get other error stating that  I need to configure the client to use the exchange brick option.  The brick option on the exchange client is ticked, but when I try to configure the client using the back up account I cant get access, as the eror is "this account cant be found" or "this account don’t have a run as the operating system permission" I put the backup account into the domain admin, tried several account but the problem re occurs.
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Try to check the Mapping between the user SID and the Domain !

One thing you can try is Delete the User. Then Make a copy of the Domain Administrator account, rename it and grant it access to the Local Administrators Group in the Backup Server machine !

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You will need a user account that has permission for each mailbox and defined for each mailbox and have "log as a service" (i think) permission to use brick level backups.  Remember the backup software basically has to log on to the mailbox to access it.
yovaly - any update or questions?
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