embedded PDF files do not open in the website, ever since I downloaded Adobe Acrobat 5

I created an website with embedded PDF files.  These PDF files display in an HTML page.  They're part of the web.  Our visitors don't have to download this PDF to see it... They see it right in the HTML page...

This happens on most people's computers, but recently on my computer it's asking me to download it... OPEN/SAVE it...And THEN, my DESTINATIONS do not work... It always opens the document to the first page, intead of going to my destination...    :(

This is because I recently installed Adobe Acrobat 5.0
Before this installation, I had Adobe Reader 7, Adobe Designer 6, Adobe Designer/Live Cycle 7 installed...and the PDF was part of the website...   :)
Is there a way that I could go back to where I do NOT have to download the PDF, AND also keep Adobe Acrobat 5?

Do you think installing Reader 5 instead of 7 might help?  

If I get Reader 5, can I still use Adobe Designer 6 and/or 7?!?
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Karl Heinz KremerCommented:
Do you need Acrobat 5? It's old, there have been two releases of Acrobat since the release of 5. Maybe it's time to update your Acrobat version.

Embedded PDFs are something that - as far as I know - only Internet Explorer can do. So your solution is not useful for anybody that uses a different browser (for example I use FireFox on Windows or Safari on the Mac). Even with embedding the PDF, the document still needs to be downloaded (just not manually). But, you can have the same user experience without embedding the document: Just link to it and let your users click on the link. With most installations, the PDF will open in the browser, so again, no need to manually download, browse and open the document.

Your destinations are probably not working because you have the destination as part of your URL - Acrobat (or Reader) will parse the URL and execute certain commands that can be specified as part of the URL, and going to a destination is one of them. This does however not work when you just open the PDF document after it was downloaded to your local machine.

You can no longer get Acrobat Reader 5, so that's not an option, and it would very likely not work.

Also, make sure that you run the latest Acrobat 5 patch - this _MAY_ fix your problem, but I doubt it.

Do any of your customers complain about this problem?

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