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When I need to add a new profile to delete an old profile is there an order in which to do this and should I move any PST files before I do this? I know how to create a new profile but am unsure of what I may lose if I do this and in what order should it be done. Thanks.
Dennis MillerAsked:
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Hello millerdog,

most of your sensitive data is in the pst file

if you make a new profile leave the old one there at first, this way you can always step back if things do not work out ok in one go, after confirming the new profile works and has its mail delivered to the pst then you can remove the old profile

hope this helps a bit
Hi millerdog,

What I normally do is:

Rename the old profile from USERID to USERID20060405
So it is saved as a kind of backup, and all your pst-files are saved in the old profile.

C:\Documents and Settings\USERID
C:\Documents and Settings\USERID20060405 (date of today)

Now login to create the new profile, install Outlook for that new profile and then copy all pst-files from

C:\Documents and Settings\USERID20060405\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook (I can't check that for the moment, but you can always do a file-find *.pst).
C:\Documents and Settings\USERID\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook

You can also read QID 21802393

Lucky Luke
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