Conditional Breakpoints in MSVC++

I want to set a conditional breakpoint in MSVC++ (i.e., when a CString value matches a specific value, then break at that time).  Is there a way to do this (without having to change my code to put in an if statment and hitting the break with that block?
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you can use assert, instead of real breakpoints:

#include <cassert>


CString strTest = "khkh";
// the code will stop here, if strTemp is "huhu"
assert( strTest == "huhu" );

good luck :)
this is only vompiled into the debug-version, so dont worry to have unused code in the release-version .. its only in the debug-version

>>I want to set a conditional breakpoint in MSVC++

'DebugBreak()' ( serves this purpose, e.g.

CString str = "test";

If ( str == "test") DebugBreak();
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jribbleAuthor Commented:
Is there any way to do this from within the tool itself (i.e., specifying a breakpoint and then associating a conditional against it?).
oops ... correction

// the code will stop here, if strTemp is NOT "huhu"
assert( strTest == "huhu" );

VC++ 6.0 has BreakPoints dialog, which allows to set breakpoint condition. Search this dialog in the main menu (in Edit or Debug menu). This is called conditional breakpoint.

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jribbleAuthor Commented:

I am able to set a conditional breakpoint, but I can't seem to set the breakpoint I want.  For example, I can set a conditional below to break when i == 5 for example, but if I try to break where msg = "ABCDEFG", then it disables the breakpoint before running the debugger.  Actually, what I would like to do is something like payment->Get("REF") == "xyz".

Any thoughts?

      // For each payment...
      for (int i = 0; i < getPaymentData()->GetCount(); i++) {
            CTableData *payment = (CTableData *)getPaymentData()->ElementAt(i);
            CTableData *terms = (CTableData *)getTerms()->Get(payment->Get("TERMS"));

            CString msg;
            msg.Format("%s %s-%s\n", payment->Get("PLANT_CODE"), payment->Get("MANIFOLD_PO_NUMBER"), payment->Get("MANIFOLD_RELEASE"));

            CMesTime *dueDate = calculateDueDate(terms, payment);

            calculateApprovalCutoff(payment, dueDate);
            delete dueDate;
string comparison can not be done in the debugger.
if you were having char array[] instead of CString then  array[0] == 'x' && array[1] == 'y' ...
could have been possible.
In this case you need to do this in code as described in previous posts.
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