How to call a page over a network on another server and make it display OUTSIDE the firewall.

Please look at

Go to the EXERCISES button at the bottom.

You'll see a page error in the middle (which is an iframe) that says the server cannot be found or page cannot be displayed.

The problem is:

I have two servers: 1 - which serves up the Maryland ICS website.

                             2 - which serves up the page that appears in the iFRAME "INSIDE" our firewall


I can see the page I want to call on whenever I'm at work and I'm BEHIND the firewall, but what do I have to do the second server to get the page to display OUTSIDE the firewall for the WORLD?

Server 1 - is our PORTAL box and is TOMCAT

Server 2 - is the an IIS server and holds the page I need to display.  There is no IP address assigned to this server since Port 80 is already assigned to SERVER 1.

Cross server calls are apparently blocked for security reasons. What do I need to do to MAINTAIN security and still allow this page to be called?
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carl_legereConnect With a Mentor Commented:
there is no way to get from the internet to
the hostnamename does not exist in real internet DNS
need to get the path to that online and in your firewalls, etc.
pborreggAuthor Commented:
OK, is that something I need to do on the Sybase-Svr? How do I do that? I have admin access... Any thoughts please?
slyskawaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The page needs to be accessable from the internet.  This is either a names resolution (DNS) problem or a firewall restriction problem.  If the machine is accessible but the name does not resolve, replace the server name with the IP address.  If the machine is not accessable because of firewall restriction, you cannot access that page from the internet no matter what you do.

If server2 is not accessable from the internet, I would recommend copying the page to server1 or setting up a scheduled task to do so.  If there are multiple pages that need to be accessed, then use a website copier like httrack to copy all the pages.
salvagbfConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Set up a new site in IIS JUST for the directory from which you need to grab pages on the intranet server and don't use the standard port of 80, use something unassigned, like 5075. Then create a rule in your firewall to forward requests to 5075 to this intranet server's port 5075 as well. Now you can just, instead of pointing to the intranet site of, which is inaccessible from the Internet, instead point to

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