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I have a user who has upgraded his laptop. I have now to re-deploy his old laptop to a different user.
The original user's email account was extremely large with many different folders created and calendar entries etc.. I have previously tried to delete the .PST file completely and hope that it would re-create itself as a brand new (empty account) file. This caused me endless problems with Outlook been unable to open.
I had to resort to manually going in and deleting each folder created and each calander entry. This is an extremely long and tedious process. My question is:

Is there a way to, in one foul swoop, delete a users entire account?? Including all entries. I basically want to be able to open Outlook and have it ask me if I want to create a new account, to start from scratch if you like.

Using Outlook 2002.
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go to control panel>mail icon> email accounts> view/edit existing email account> delete/remove
that should delete the email account but you'll still need to delete the pst file if you want to get clear some space on the HD. goodluck
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