Blackberry getting enterprise mail and configured to also get POP

I had a blackberry that I was using for enterprise outlook mail.  I also configured it to recieve a different POP mail account.  Now I want to stop it from getting the POP mail and I cannot figure out how to do so.

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More detail please....are you using a BES, the desktop redirector, or a provider's web client?
To stop the Pop mail contact you rvendor and ask them to reset the Blackberry Internet Service account.
If he is using the web client, yes......but until he provides more information,  you're making a stab in the dark.
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auburntigerzAuthor Commented:
I am using the BES for CORPORATE e-mail.  In addition - I configured the blackberry (on the unit itself) to recieve POP3 from a general ISP pop account.  So in addition to corporate e-mail that I get through BES, I'm recieving POP mail from a DIFFERENT account.  So what I want to do is stop the POP account and go back to only getting the corporate account.  For what it is worth - I can sync the blackberry with a different corporate account and the corporate account will change, but it will continue to get the POP account that was set up on it.
What model is the handheld?
> I configured the blackberry (on the unit itself) to recieve POP3 from a general ISP pop account

I guess you mean via the Blackberry Internet Service (BIS)?

Blackberries can be configured as BIS only devices, Enterprise devices, or both. Most ship these days as both, allowing the user to set up both corporate and BIS use at the same time.

To stop getting the POP3 mail either/and

- Go back into the BIS account and remove the details of the account that the mail is being collected from. You operator can confirm the URL their BB users use for this if you don't know it already.
- Ask your operator to delete your BIS account
- Ask you operator to make your device an Enterprise-only device (They should be able to do this over the air. You may need to get to second line support before they understand what you're asking)
- There may be a policy you can set on the BES to disable BIS use on the device?

Remember, when it comes to BB, your operator has to be your friend. There is some integration between each operator and RIM (connections, provisioning systems, etc), so there's quite a lot an operator can do for you regarding the BB service they provide for you.

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auburntigerzAuthor Commented:
It is a Blackberry 7230 on T-Mobile.
auburntigerzAuthor Commented:
Was able to go in via internet e-mail settings and finnally found a link to delete an account.
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