Unable to access DHCP on through frame relay

Very strange issue.

Set up a new computer in the main office where DC is located.  Added PC to the LAN, pushed Norton's Antivirus down from server, installed Acrobat reader from server, all is hunky dorey.

Disconnected PC, traveled to new office, set up PC and now PC will not obtain an IP from the DHCP server.  Receives an IP of 192.168...  The normal IP's should be 10.0.40...  All of the other PC's (7) work fine and receive a 10.0.40 address.

Checked cables- works fine with a laptop.  Swapped PC with a known working PC same results.

Ran a repair on connection- same.
Ran IPCONFIG /release, /renew- same
Deleted card in Comp. manager and reinstalled it- same.
Removed card from slot and reinstalled- same.
Disjoined PC from the domain fine then attempted to rejoin PC to domain- DC could not be contacted.
Attempted to view ARP Table- no entries found.

Took PC back to main campus to TS and PC sees the DC fine.  I readded it to the domain. Works fine.

The two offices are connected by a T1 through a frame relay.  
There is no difference between the type of LAN card used between this one and all the rest in that office.
Any recommendations on what could be the problem with this PC not connecting to the network?
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tjmichaelAuthor Commented:
More info.

When I hard code the IP address to match the other PC's in the remote office, I can ping any device on that ip formatall the way to the router.  If I attempt to ping to the main office router, it says destination unreachable.

When I take out the hardcoded IP address, and ping any address I get destination unreachable.
Walter PadrónCommented:
I don't know about Norton Antivirus but you should check if this suite installs also a firewall. Disable/uninstall antivirus and try again. You should also ask if you can connect to your new office switch maybe the port is blocked.

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tjmichaelAuthor Commented:
Sorry, I found the problem.  The company that runs our managed routers replaced them, I was uninformed about this.  I knew they were replacing one, but did not realize they were replacing all of them.
Needless to say, they forgot to reprogram the new switches with the bootp passthrough and map it to the DHCP server.  The PC's that were on the network already had an IP address and had not expired, so they were fine.  Any new PC I added could not access the network, unless I hardcoded the IP address into it.  And even then the connection was limited to the local network.  Thanks for answering the help request wpadron, I will still give you a few points for your time.
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tjmichaelAuthor Commented:
DearPage Editor,
     Please give wpadron 50 points, refund the other 200 and close the question.

Thank you.
tjmichaelAuthor Commented:
Thank You
Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:

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