Trying to setup webcams behind NAT router--need help

I am trying to acess webcams behind a Hawking PN9249 router running NAT. The router's web interface says you can do port mapping, and the Digital Sprite web cameras listen on port 8234. So I set everything up like this:

           WAN 69.x.x.x
Router  |                      NAT
          LAN 192.168.0.x

Now I have the port mapping like this:

Protocol        External Port               LAN IP            Internal Port
 TCP                     8234                  8234

I can navigate to the cameras on the LAN, but when I try to access via 69.x.x.x  or 69.x.x.x:8234 I get nothing. ANy ideas??

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Sometimes firewalls/routers need two pieces of information - one a port mapping, the other a port allowed to accept traffic from the outside.

Since I'm not familiar with the Hawking, his may or may not be the trouble. But your mapping looks fine.
kevotronAuthor Commented:
Yes, I thought the the port that allowed the outside connection was the one called "External Port" but maybe not, huh?  I set it up as best as possible given there really arent any directions, just a paragraph on the web interface page that says this: " You can map your LAN servers to the public WAN IP for remote access." I mean it is a cheap little router that is about 4 years old, maybe I would have an easier time with something else.
Looks like you're on the right track.
Are you 100% positive that the camera has the correct subnet mask and default gateway assigned???
nprignanoTechnical ArchitectCommented:
are you configuring through a web interface or command line (telnet, console, etc)?

if you have access to another router/firewall, you can test, but I wouldn't jump to replace a device unless its already on your to-do list or you know for a fact it is failed/failing.

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