Cannot Remove a Network Printer - "Printer Connection Cannont Be Removed" error.

Im trying to delete a network printer from a users computer here at work.  The printer is no longer on our server, yet it will not let me delete it.  I get an error that says "Printer Connection Cannont Be Removed.  Operation could not be completed"  

I even gave him administrative rights, but he still cannot delete this printer.  This is very annoying because we have have another network printer with the same name, and when I add that, he has to "guess" which printer is the correct one since there are two of the same listed.

This user is running windows XP with a roaming profile and is connected to a domain server running Windows NT Server 4.0

I would appreciate any help on this.  Thanks in advance

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Try un-plugging the network cable, then deleting the printer.
Ken has you on the right track and his suggestion should resolve the problem. If not, you may want to make sure that there isn't a log in script automatically mapping this printer.
This did not work for me. I could not delete the printer via Windows at all, so I had to go into the registry to delete the printer. I kept getting the message Cannot delete network printer.
The link provided worked for me.
Nothing else worked for me. I tried the link above and 30 seconds later problem solved.
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