Windows hestates during boot

I have a computer with win 2000. When it boots up, it goes through the first screen (Big progress bar) OK, but on the second screen (small progress bar), the bar stops half way and freezes for about 20 to 30 seconds. Then it finishes booting up after that and everything is OK. Is the hesitation normal? I suspect it is having problems with a driver or something.

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this is fairly normal behaviour   it all depends on the speed of your machine      it applies computer settings   and policy settings  etc

i wouldnt worry especially if you have no other issues....
Hi bsaucer,

you can check your event viewer  for errors...

has this been a gradualy increasing problem or did it just happen

bsaucerAuthor Commented:
It has been that way since Win 2000 was first installed on the computer. It had Win 98 SE before that.
I get exactly this behaviour when I have a USB drive plugged in.  Unplg my drive and the hesitation goes away.

Does this apply to your setup?

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