How to copy a group in Exchange Server 2003

I would like to know if there is a utility/command line etc to copy an existing distribution group, or create a new group based on an existing groups membership??


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It isn't as simple as copying. You have to export and then import.

This article on technet shows one method:

And this MS KB article shows how to do it with another tool.
LDIFDE can do imports as well as exports, so the kb article will probably be the simplest to implement.

Export the group membership
Create the group
Change the command to import and use the new group as the target

What sort of group?
Personal distribution list?
Active Directory list?
Something else?

MadJockAuthor Commented:
Hi Simon

Its an email distribution group on the Exchange server (Active Directory). It contains a list of users, some of who have AD accounts on the server, some are external contacts which are also listed on the server.

Hope you can help,

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