Changing the font size of e-mails formatted in HTML using Outlook 2002 (Office XP)

Hopefully someone will be able to help.  Do any of you know of any way, in Outlook 2002 (Office XP), of increasing the font size of e-mails that are received and have been formatted using HTML..  Basically, a user has requested to use large fonts and icons in Outlook, which I've set using the Customize View Option in Outlook, and this all all good except when it comes to e-mails which are formatted.  I can't find any option that over-rides the formatting set in the e-mail - the only thing that comes close is, when in an e-mail, there is a "increase font size", but even setting this to large doesn't make any difference, and it needs to be done each time you open an e-mail..
Any help would be appreciated!
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Other tha a possible registry hack, not normally, but ...

After opening, tell the user to hold the left CTRL button down as she scrolls the mouse wheel.
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