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programmatically play mp3 files on windows w/C#.net

I'm looking for a simple, programmatic way to play brief (5 seconds or less) mp3 files. If possible, I'd like to avoid having to use 3rd-party commercial apps and tap into their API, though I wouldn't mind tapping into Windows Media Player if that's my only option. If there's a free 3rd party component that I could ship with my app, that would be ideal. Or if there's a way for .NET to natively do this, that would be ideal as well.

Looking for (1) Which I should use and (2) Basic sample code usage.
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1 Solution
first of all you have to import winmm library:

            public static extern long PlaySound(String lpszName, long hModule, long      dwFlags);

then you can use PlaySound method whenever you want to play sounds...


afaik there is no .NET native way to do this.
SweatCoderAuthor Commented:
Your example was wav. Will it work with MP3?

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