Bar Code Programming

For attendance software I want have to do barcode coding on emp_code can some one guide me how it possible. Rgds. Iqbal
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If you get a bar code scanner for PC, they just emit keystrokes as if you type the barcode number on the keyboard, which also makes it easy to support manual entry for barcodes that become unreadable.  You can get barcode fonts so that you can print your own, and you can put in anything you want.  Note there are several different bar code standards, so get a font you readers can read.  We use the wasp wand reader, which you can pick up at a lot of places, including CompUsa
its easy way just you need you will use time attendance machine or barcode scanner any way
if you use time attendance michine you need to get special card like the ATM cards then you will connect the machine to oyur computer on the serial port then you need need to make timer to check the serial port for incoming data by
on form_load
mscom1.portopen = true

and the time will make check every second for the data coming from the machine
by mscom1.input=  and  mscom1.output
so when you get the data you can do what you need

if use barcode scanner then you will need to use keyboard connection for this situation any barcode will display automaticly in your system so you will deal with it

i hope i help you

MehramAuthor Commented:
Sir, your provided information is really help full for me. I actually want to know how the data will be inserts into MYSQL,

As you guide me on form_load

mscom1.portopen = true

and the time will make check every second for the data coming from the machine
by mscom1.input=  and  mscom1.output
so when you get the data you can do what you need

Either the coming data will be saved into any variable and then through insert command it will be transfer in MYSQL.

May be my question is stupid but I am new so need your help.
Uday EthirajuluCTOCommented:
        You buy one barcode scanner there is lots of models available in the market you can choose gun type scanner or else in your wish.

         If you are developing the software in the visual basic use the mscomm component to read the data from the scanner.

        first of all you have to set up the default setttings to your scanner by scanning the set defaults barcode available in your barcode device specified manual.

        By default the universal access free barcode is Code128 model.

        you have to generate the barcode label by using barcode generation software available wiht your barcode printer.

        Connect the barcode scanner in the serial port.

        in the form load open the serial port by setting the property

        baudrate,handshake,no of bits,stop bits = 9600,N,8,1
       then open the mscomm port

       then you have to write the code for OnComm Eent


All the best for u r attendance system


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