linux basic security

i have maintain rad hat linux 9 as our proxy server, i want to know what security steps should i maintain so that there ll be no problem for hacking
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just u have to do following things, so the possible attack ll be minimize,

1st dont use telnet , if u r using telnet just disable it.
2nd use complex password for root and dont share with so many people.
3rd use ssh for externally login , its use port 22 , try to use 435 or some other not use port.
4th regularly check your log files
5th dont use comman history.
 its the basic of security, u have to learn iptables for more

First, Red Hat Linux 9 is ancient, and I believe no longer being updated with security patches. Upgrade!

Second, Linux security is an complex issue with whole books and websites devoted to the subject. Unless you're using someone's prepackaged software set, expect to spend a considerable amount of time researching this issue. You could start with a Google search for "linux security" or go to a bookstore with a good stock of computer books. Find something that fits your needs and knowledge level.

Third, there is no such thing as "no problem for hacking", unless your server is not on the Internet. You can only reduce risk, never eliminate it.
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