How to merge multiple profiles or rename the one I want to use

I have a W2K laptop that has created another profile and now I can't get back to the one that I was using.  I am in an AD domain with a 2000 and 2003 server.  This laptop now has a profiles like:

The profile that I have been using for months is "user"  It was logining into the domain and everthing was fine, until I changed time zones and loaded MS updates.

What has gone wrong?
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Hi winventions,

login locally as the administrator and under my computer properties, advanced, user profiles, copy the user profile to the domain one you use

If that works for you, yay.  If not, here is a longer method that will also do it.
Login as local Admin.  Go to 'c:\documents and settings'  into the profile that has the best set of settings (the favorites you like, the quicklaunch, etc).  Copy all files and subfolders from this into a backup folder. I usually make something like 'c:\temp\proback' and put everything there.  You can mix some of the simple things together if you like.  Get everything from the best profile, then get the favorites from a different one, and the quicklaunch from another.  
Go into System Properties/Profiles, and delete all the user profiles.  Logout.  Make sure system is hooked to the domain, and login as the user.  This should create the default profile for the user, in the proper format.  Logoff.  Log back in as Admin.  Copy the backed up profile information into the new profile just created.  Logout.  Log back in as user, and everything should be there.
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