Populating LDAP with test users

 i am looking for a code, where in i can populate say 100 users in a particular ou in ldap (iPlanet). I would be glad if the experts could help in figuring out a way for this
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itsme_asifAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot, can i have some more examples, i am kinda rusty with perl
What kind of directory are you talking about? x.500? Active Directory? NDS?

Here is an example for active directory.

use Win32::OLE 'in';

my $server = "MyServerName";

my $obj = Win32::OLE->GetObject("LDAP://$server/OU=iPlanet,DC=Domain,DC=Com");

open(USERS, "users.txt") || die "Could not find users.txt file\n";
@users = <USERS>;


# users.txt should be a file formated like
# Charles,Dickens,cdickens,scrooge
# Emily,Walworth,ewalworth,cookies
# etc...etc...

foreach my $user(@users) {

    my($firstname,$lastname,$userid,$password) = split("\,",$user);
      my $objUser   = $obj->Create("user", "cn=$firstname $lastname");
      $objUser->Put("sAMAccountName", "$userid");  
      $objUser->Put("userPrincipalName", "$userid\@domain.com");
      $objUser->Put("givenName", "$firstname");  
      $objUser->Put("sn", "$lastname");          
      $objUser->Put("displayName", "$firstname $lastname");
      $objUser->{AccountDisabled} = FALSE;
      if(Win32::OLE::LastError()) {
          print Win32::OLE::LastError,"\n\n";
      else {
          print "Created $firstname $lastname : $userid\n";

print "Done\n";
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itsme_asifAuthor Commented:
I am looking for LDAP, i am using a iPlanet Directory Server 5.1 from Sun which is a LDAP. It would be really helpfull if you could give me a similar example as in AD.
I see. I am going to look into this a little more. I would use the perLdap module for this. I don't have enough information on iPlanet but I might find what I need to give you something to start with.

itsme_asifAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot
what's wrong with
  man Net::LDAP
as suggested by ozo?
Net::LDAP works perfect with iPlanet.
itsme_asifAuthor Commented:
do i have to download the package or if i add Net::LDAP in my code is enough? for example
use Net::LDAP;
 $ldap = Net::LDAP->new( 'ldap.bigfoot.com' ) or die "$@";
 $mesg = $ldap->bind ;    # an anonymous bind
 $mesg = $ldap->search( # perform a search
                        base   => "c=US",
                        filter => "(&(sn=Barr) (o=Texas Instruments))"
 $mesg->code && die $mesg->error;
 foreach $entry ($mesg->entries) { $entry->dump; }
 $mesg = $ldap->unbind;   # take down session
 $ldap = Net::LDAP->new( 'ldap.umich.edu' );
 # bind to a directory with dn and password
 $mesg = $ldap->bind( 'cn=root, o=University of Michigan, c=us',
                      password => 'secret'
 $result = $ldap->add( 'cn=Barbara Jensen, o=University of Michigan, c=US',
                       attr => [
                         'cn'   => ['Barbara Jensen', 'Barbs Jensen'],
                         'sn'   => 'Jensen',
                         'mail' => 'b.jensen@umich.edu',
                         'objectclass' => ['top', 'person',
                                           'inetOrgPerson' ],
 $result->code && warn "failed to add entry: ", $result->error ;
 $mesg = $ldap->unbind;  # take down session

would the above code work, with no modification (when the bind instructions are changes according to my directory)
> do i have to download the package
you have to install Net::LDAP module

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