Issues with Server 2003 R2

  We are currently upgrading our mail servers, an sql server, and our CRM package.  Needless to say we are in the market for a few new servers.  Is there any advantage to getting server 2003 R2 on them or should we stick with 2003 sp1.  I know from symantec's site that the 10.0 version we are running will not run on R2 but not sure if there are any others.  4 of these 6 servers are mail servers so the need for the antivirus/spam filtering is a must have.  Any thoughts?
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R2's "enhancements" are geared toward branch site communications, file/print management, and a few others.

I see no reason to upgrade to R2 for the servers you listed.

Comparison chart:
I would agree, I would stick with Windows 2003 SP1.  (no need for R2...)
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