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I've been looking for importance  of Inode through the internet and books but
all i get is definition but i need the importance such as why we need inodes in the operating system and in unix?
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(ī´nōd) (n.) Data structures that contain information about files in Unix file systems that are created when a file system is created. Each file has an inode and is identified by an inode number (i-number) in the file system where it resides. inodes provide important information on files such as user and group ownership, access mode (read, write, execute permissions) and type.
There are a set number of inodes, which indicates the maximum number of files the system can hold.

A file's inode number can be found using the ls -i command, while the ls -l command will retrieve inode information.

You don't "need" inode, you need a way to identify the files on disk.

The FAT entries in DOS are similar to inodes.

An inode and a device (file system) gives you an accurate picture of WHERE
a file is...

To some degree, I guess you can form an analogy to IP addresses and DNS names --
inode/dev numbers and file paths...

> .. but i need the importance such as why we need inodes in the operating system and in unix?
an operating system does not nead inodes, neither does unix.
It's the filesytem used which uses inodes, and the filesystem may be used by the OS.
and actually programs are exposed to vnodes - an abstraction of inode, since not all filesystems do uniquely number files e.g. CD-ROM or FAT12.
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