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I've been a Windows geek for years. Now that I've 'grown up' I'd like to start learning Linux. I have an old Dell box with a Celeron processor that chokes on Windows XP, but should run Linux just fine (2Ghz CPU, 256mb RAM). Eventually I plan on using it as a home FTP and File Server (on Linux), but for now I just want to use it as a test platform for learning Linux.

What is a good resource, either in book for or online, that will start me off right as I know nothing about Linux. I want to learn enough to eventually get my LPI. I don't want to learn enough to pass the test, I want to really know it.

I have 4-6 hours a day at work to kill, so online resources would be great. I'd rather not read through a book all day. Is there anything online out there that will walk me through the basics, then into more advanced study? If not, what book would be ideal for a total newbie in Linux?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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If you want to learn linux there are lots of good tutorials out there, from installing to recompling your kernel. The best way to learn is to just use Linux, evertime you want to do something google up a solution for linux. I have posted a website with many many tutorials. Since the box isn't super important I would just dive right in, the easiest war to learn is by doing.

I would also suggest running Slackware linux as your distro, many people will tell you this is a much harder distro to work with, thats because it doesn't have a lot of the automated tools and GUI interfaces some of the other Distro's have. However if you can master slackware you can master any other distro with ease. Not to mention they have a complete guide at their website.


DingusAuthor Commented:
The Linux Tutorial page is just about perfect for what I'm looking for. Thanks.

I'll probably do Slackware because of the higher learning curve. If it's one of the harder installs, then I'll have to really know it to set it up right. Thank you.

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