SendObject -- Message Text Truncates

Hello, experts!

I have a ticket management database that I want to use to send emails to users once an issue is resolved (a button is clicked, then a macro is run using the SendObject action).  Everything works fine with the exception that the Message Text is truncated after 250 characters (including spaces).  The Message Text is set to "=[Comment]", where [Comment] is a memo field in my ticket table.  Any help is much appreciated.  

Also, I'm not opposed to using a different method, if it will resolve the issue of truncation.

I'm using Access 2003.

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Leigh PurvisDatabase DeveloperCommented:
What's the code you're using?
And where is this launched from?
Is the text in the control itself not truncated?

The limit for text through SendObject as a total should be about 2000 characters (including the To, Subject etc arguments if memory serves).
mixxieAuthor Commented:
There's not really any code, since I'm using the macro, but here it is anyway:

Issues Form Macros
cmdEmailUser : On Click
Object Type: (blank)
Object Name: (blank)
Output Format: (blank)
To: =Nz(DLookUp("[E-Mail Address]","Users","ID=" & Nz([Submitted By],0)))
CC: (blank)
Bcc: (blank)
Subject: ="Status Update for Ticket " & [ID] & ": " & [Title]
Message Text: =[Comment]
Edit Message: Yes
Template File: (blank)

btnSendEmail Properties
On Click: Issues Form Macros.cmdEmailUser : On Click

And no, the text itself is not truncated.  I can query or report on the text and the full content is displayed.
Leigh PurvisDatabase DeveloperCommented:
Ah OK.
Missed the reference to a Macro.  (Out of my comfort zone now ;-)

I honestly don't know how a macro would behave in this situation.
I suppose you could try firing a function.

Can I ask though - where are the values
 [ID], [Submitted By], [Title], and importantly [Comment]
coming from?
(And why do you have to Dlookup the email address - when those others seem so readily available - from somewhere).
I think the export functionality has limits on the size of exporting memo fields. It appears to be 255
Checking MS, I found this although its excel, I assume SendObject to be same logic as exporting

All I can suggest is to read via a recordset, see if it makes a difference
u may need to define your string

dim x as string * 2000

or something along those line

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