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Can someone explain how to set the mouse cursor from a color bitmap or ico file? I have the following so far:

BOOL CMyApp::OnInit()
    m_MyCursor = LoadCursor(IDC_MY_ICON_RES_ID);

BOOL CMyView::OnSetCursor(CWnd* pWnd, UINT nHitTest, UINT message)
    return TRUE;

I'm not sure if loading from a 32x32 .ico file is appropriate. The above works with a .cur file. So how can I modify this to get some color in the cursor?

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In Visual C++ .Net 2003:

- Open up the cursor resource in the resource editor
- Right-mouse in the editor window to bring up a large menu
- Near the bottom of the menu select "New Image Type", pick something that is not monochrome, such as 32x32, 16 colors
- Edit your cursor with fancy colors
- Right-mouse, select Current Cursor Image Types, drag across, select the monochrome bitmap. You should see your boring monochrome cursor again.
- Right-mouse, select "Delete Image Type", this deletes the monochrome bitmap
- When you save, your cursor will now contain only a color bitmap

Just rebuild and you will have it.

You can also import a cursor file with a color bitmap, that will work too.

The idea is similar in Visual C++ 6.0, although the resource editor is quite a bit different.

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You may also try LoadImage instead of LoadCursor.

However you need to delete the default monochrome device image like follows:

Open the cursor image, select monochrome device, click Image -> Delete Device Image.

Then you can add the WM_SETCURSOR handle, and modify the function as:

BOOL CMyView::OnSetCursor(CWnd* pWnd, UINT nHitTest, UINT message)
              return TRUE;      

Then you can use your colored cursor

More Information Refer : Q135047 HOWTO: Use Resource Editor for 16-Color 32x32 Mouse Pointers <==


minnirokAuthor Commented:
Works perfectly, thanks.
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