Installing Windows XP Professional to Laptop HP Pavilion dv5000


I´ve bought a laptop HP Pavilion dv5000, which it comes with Windows XP Home as O/S. I need to install Windows XP Professional and would like to format the hard disk, because I don´t trust in Windows upgrades, I prefer to instal from scratch . But I´m worry if I do that and try to instal W XP Professional, then the O/S will need some HP drivers to recognise some devices, such as the DVD RW or something else. The laptop came without any HP CD of drivers. What do you suggest to do? Just format the hard disk, instal Windows XP Professional and then see what happen or how to know what drivers of HP I will need?

Thank you!
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> without any HP CD of drivers

no way, when I bought my pavilion zv5000 series, I got a dozen of cd's and dvd's, including winxp, drivers, and lots of worthless soft
Rosa2003Author Commented:
It is true, StillUnAware. I bougth it in Circuit -City, Miami. I will check the links that maramom suggests.
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BTW- it's always a cleaner install when you do it from scratch, so that's a good idea.

I suppose it depends where you get your systems, but hp often just includes the OS reinstall on a hidden partition, if you ever need to reinstall it. They charge you anywhere from $20 - $60 for recovery cd's when your system crashes and you can't use the partition. All of the drivers and software is likely on the hidden partition. Just some FYI--it doesn't apply to you since you're formatting and installing XP Pro.

The good news is you can get just about anything at HP support site (sans the recovery disks..must be ordered).

I didn't see any chipset drivers available at the link provided, which is ussually what you'd install first, after windows. Windows may provide sufficient drivers, so if the model matches, install the drivers for all of the components that you have.
Your laptop is like most HP products where you need to create your own recovery cds by burning them from the -->PC Recovery Disc Creator<-- program. When you first bought the laptop there should have been reminders popping up to tell you bout this process of making the recovery cds. This link to HP explains the process of burning  nd using these cds.
The OS that would be installed using the previous method would be XP home that the laptop was shipped with. Even though it isn't the XP pro you want on it, I would strongly recommend making the recovery cds in case you do run into problems with the retail installation of XP pro.
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