rule to create new mail with trigger email subject line... possible?

We have GW 6.5 and I have a user who wants to create a rule which, upon receipt of an email, would trigger a rule to create a new email using the same subject line of the email which triggered that rule.  He doesn't want to use a forward because there are attachments that he doesn't want to pass on.

For example... if he receives an email from someone with a subject line of 'test 123', he want's the rule to create a new email to someone else but he want's the same text in that subject line.
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The simplest way to do this would be to make the rule a Reply instead of a Forward, and add the desired recipient to the reply as a blind copy. The only problem with this is that it will send the reply to the original sender as well, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. You could add some sort of courtesy reply text "Thank you for contacting us blah blah blah."

Bill, good idea but in our situation that might prove to be a problem.  The 'powers to be' have our GW setup such that a reply rule won't work for outside emails (some type of security risk I think).  So if we set up an auto reply, it would attempt, then there would be a system email sent back to that account stating an auto reply out of the gateway isn't allowed, which would trigger the rule, etc.

If I don't get a better answer in 3-4 days I'll award points to you for your efforts.
>there would be a system email sent back to that account stating an auto reply out of the gateway
>isn't allowed, which would trigger the rule, etc.

Well, that certainly limits your options. Are you certain that an auto forward won't also be blocked? You might want to check on that as well. Given this restriction, I don't think there's any way to do what you want with just the standard GroupWise rules. Some other possibilities:

Go ahead and use a Forward rule, but have your clever GroupWise admins block the outgoing attachments at the gateway.  

Use Formativ (a third-party addon to GroupWise) to automate the process. (Costs money and has a learning curve)

Forward the replies through some sort of proxy that strips off the attachments.

Also, something you may want to think about: If these messages might come from arbitrary sources, then not including the attachments could cause the message body to not appear as well. Some emails are HTML-only, and don't actually have a plain text body. Just something to be aware of.


Are the incoming emails always consistent in format, or can they come from a wide variety of sources?

Is it mandatory that this rule processing run on the server itself? Or would something running on the client workstation be acceptable?


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