deleted ios image from bootflash on 2948G L3 router/switch

I have delted the old IOS image from the 2948G-L3 and tried to copy from tftp the new image that I had.  It said error opening tftp (not enough space).  At that point I had over 13 Mb free and the image is only 3.2 Mb.  Can someone tell me how to put the new image on the router from rommon mode?  This is extremely urgent!! :)

I followed advise on one forum and set the confreg to 0x2101 and now it is just rebooting over and over...HELP

My company just paid big money for this and I don't want to have to buy it!

I will  be online all night, any help will be appreciated.

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"When you delete a file from boot flash memory, the system marks the file as deleted. Deleted files cannot be recovered. The boot flash memory is not released after the image file has been deleted, only the image file is marked as deleted."

When deleting files from memory, be careful not to delete all the system images. You should always retain one known good image as a backup image.

Use the DIR bootflash to see if there is anything in the flash. If there is you can make that the boot flash to get back up and then using the link below flash you image.

Try this link

About 3/4 of the way down is the process to try and follow. Hopefully it will work.
power1007Author Commented:
There are no images on the bootflash.  I can only get to rommon> mode and there is no xmodem or other copy options.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

>I followed advise on one forum and set the confreg to 0x2101
  Actually, 0x2102 is the setting for attempting a "normal" boot process.  "Attempt" is the key term, see below...

Do you have any idea what the *bootstrap* version is? Check any saved output from "show version".  
  If the version is older than 12.0(7)W5.15a, xmodem is *not* supported, & if there aren't any images in bootflash, & you're stuck in rommon... it looks grim indeed.   See the 1st paragraph in the URL below:

Good luck!
hi, there

do you have any other 2948 Switches where the IOS is on. or do you have it on a CD.

use the solarwinds TFTP server make sure you have read write permission. Upload the image and then follow the instruction from Calvinettet

Confreg 0x2101

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