Pass LoginName in InsertParameters

Whenever a record is inserted into the database, I would like to store the username of the user that inserted the record by passing their login name as a parameter in the SqlDataSource.  How would I go about doing that?  I am using ASP .Net Membership and Roles.

Thanks for your help!
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You could try using Context.User.Identity.Name, I haven't tried that with membership and roles myself though.
you can get the authenticated user name from the server variables -  eg once they are authenticated then the user name is stored in the a spefic key AUTH_USER in a server vairable. Below shows how to get some info from these keys in c#...

make sure these are added
using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Specialized;

            //code below
            DateTime dt = new DateTime();
            dt = DateTime.Now;
            string date = dt.ToString("s", System.Globalization.DateTimeFormatInfo.InvariantInfo);
            date = date.Replace('T', ' '); //datetime now yyyymmdd HHmmss

            //get collection of server variables
            NameValueCollection coll;
            coll = obj.ServerVariables;

            String[] arr1 = coll.AllKeys;

            // set sql string
            string insert = "insert into users_log(username,pswd,AUTH_TYPE,AUTH_USER,REMOTE_USER,REMOTE_ADDR,REMOTE_HOST,SCRIPT_NAME,URL,HTTP_USER_AGENT,datetime) " +
                            "values('" + username + "','" + pswd + "','" +
                            coll.GetValues("AUTH_TYPE").GetValue(0) + "','" +
                            coll.GetValues("AUTH_USER").GetValue(0) + "','" +
                            coll.GetValues("REMOTE_USER").GetValue(0) + "','" +
                            coll.GetValues("REMOTE_ADDR").GetValue(0) + "','" +
                            coll.GetValues("REMOTE_HOST").GetValue(0) + "','" +
                            coll.GetValues("SCRIPT_NAME").GetValue(0) + "','" +
                            coll.GetValues("URL").GetValue(0) + "','" +
                            coll.GetValues("HTTP_USER_AGENT").GetValue(0) + "','" +
                            date + "')";
            //check sql
            //insert sql into db
personaly i think that there is more effort in my solution and more flexibility if you need to track remote ip's
That may be the case, but the original question was

"passing their login name as a parameter in the SqlDataSource"

Since only the login name was requested, Torrwin's simple posting would have given the correct requirement.
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