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Access List, bandwidth management and VOIP on a Cisco 1721 router for internet cafe

I am setting up an internet Café with 20 computers and a Microsoft ISA server in internal network, serving as caching proxy server only, and all tied together in a 50-Port unmanaged Ethernet Network Switch.
My WAN Circuit is 128K/64K SCPC Space Segment W/ Teleport

I am new to Cisco and I need to implement the following in a Cisco 1721 edge Router:

Bandwidth management,
VOIP for 2 telephone ports

I have these 2 options for my access list:

Access-list 100 permit ip [internal network] [mask] any
Access-list 100 deny ip any any log

Access-list 100 permit tcp any any established
Access-list 100 permit udp host [external DNS] any eq domain
Access-list 100 permit udp host [external DNS] any gt 1023
Access-list 100 permit tcp [internal network] [mask] any eq ftp-data
Access-list 100 permit tcp [internal network] [mask] any eq ftp
Access-list 100 permit tcp [internal network] [mask] any eq http
Access-list 100 deny any any

Which of these includes all the traffic I need to flow in and out?

What Cisco IOS configuration do I need at the router to ensure end-to-end prioritization of calls, as for as bandwidth management is concerned, and considering my low budget WAN circuit for 20 computers and 2 VOIP ports?
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1 Solution
AutoQoS should be fine on the Cisco for VIOP to manage VOIP Priority

What traffic are you allowing for the clients?
if everything (www smtp msn etc) use NAT

Or is ISA providing proxy for everything?
use the access-list to only allow the ISA server out

what traffic are you allowing in (remote management etc)?

NukakAuthor Commented:
I am allowing all traffic for the clients. Any suggestion on traffic not to allow?
I intend to use ISA to provide proxy for everything. So what line do I insert in the access list to achieve allowing only ISA Server out?
How do I configure transparent proxy?
I would like to be able to remotely manage the network.

access-list 101 permit tcp host (ISA IP) any

on the wan interface
ip access-group 101 out

Transparent proxy is done via ISA, im not too sure on that.

worry about remote management later, you need a static ip or dyndns name.
otherwise it is too open to attack.

the settings for isa trasparent should be within
ISA Server Web Proxy Service
NukakAuthor Commented:
Thank you

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