standard place to store user's jpgs so others can't see them?

Excuse the noob. There's probably a pretty standard way to do this, I just don't know it! Here's the situation:

Users get to upload and view some jpgs.  But how can I keep user1 from seeing user2's photos, and vice versa? This is assuming user1 wants to snoop around, and has some skills.  (I know the basic stuff like turning off indexes.)

Do you put all jpgs in one directory, then configure the dir somehow ... do you create a different directory for each user and then configure them somehow.... ?

Please be explicit as possible in your answer. Thanks very much.

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So the only way would be that someone guesses the URL/filename. You can prevent that if you generate a unique filename. And use a robots.txt to exclude all bots from that folder (so that no image spider spiders the images, e.g. google images).
boise2004Author Commented:
> Users get to upload and view some jpgs.

And how do they upload the images? Via ftp? If yes, you should configure your ftp daemon that the ftp startfolder for user1 is a different one than user2. But if they don't upload via ftp (which means that they can't see the content of that folder), how should user1 guess (with disabled directory listing), that there's an other image named asd6639455rf.jpg in that folder?
boise2004Author Commented:
thanks caterham.
no ftp, just standard html file button upload.
I guess I am being overcautious!
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