Error Code 32 When Installing GrFinger 4.1 Full Edition


I have encountered an issue with the program GrFinger 4.1 Full Edition. I am receiving an error code 32 upon installation of the program and cannot figure out how to get past this problem. The issue came about after uninstalling the Lite version of GrFinger, even after I tried to clean out the registry with RegCleaner and attempted to reinstall multiple times.

The system we are trying to get the program installed on is Windows XP Pro SP2, and it also has a Microsoft Fingerprint Reader connected to it. The Fingerprint Reader was successfully working with the Lite version of GrFinger 4.1 but since the Full version will not install, we are unable to figure out if the reader will work properly.

The file in question that GrFinger has trouble installing is "msvbvm60.dll"

The error message also denoted that "the process cannot access the file because it being used by another process." The directory where the dll file was found is in C:\Windows\system32

If you try and click on the shortcut for the program after exiting out of the error message upon installation, you receive another error stating that Windows could not initialize GrFinger Desktop Identity.

If someone has encountered this problem in the past and knows how to get the installation working, that would be very helpful., Inc
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msvbvm60.dll is a VB6 runtime file related to the microsoft fingerprint reader. try uninstalling any applications/drivers relating to this first. After this, install GrFinger, then reinstall your fingerprint software.
FASTECHSAuthor Commented:
The fix seems to be the licensing file isn't loading but we will let you know what happens.
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